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Reunion is the best kept secret in the Denver Metro Area.

What and Where is Reunion?!

The Reunion community is one of the only single family communities in the area that has their own private recreation center, a private pool, an enormous park, and a trail system.

The best part is all of these community amenities are included with their HOA fees. So their HOA fees must be enormous right? WRONG! Reunion residents only pay $33 per month and that includes garbage! This is all in a single family subdivision!!

So houses must be really expensive there then? NOPE! Housing in Reunion is actually cheaper per square foot than Denver, Thornton, Broomfield, Westminster, etc.. To give you a real life example: The average sales price in Reunion for the last 12 months is just over $286,000. The comparable homes in Thornton are selling for about $50,000 more and in Broomfield about $100,000 more!

To see for yourself, check out these awesome Reunion homes for sale:

Where is Reunion?

Reunion is a suburb of Denver and is located just Northwest of Denver International Airport, North of Rocky Mountain Arsenal, and just South of Brighton. It is about a 20 minute drive from Downtown Denver just off of I-76. The exact location is 104th Ave in between Tower Rd and Chambers Rd. Reunion Location

Reunion Recreation Center Reunion Recreation Center Reunion Recreation Center

The recreation center is located in the infamous red barn pictured above. The barn houses a workout room, full court basketball, locker rooms, and meeting rooms. They offer plenty of classes including Zumba, Pilates, Boot camps, etc.. They also have personal trainers available for your training needs. The rec center even provides childcare if you need it for only $1.50 per child per half hour! The recreation center also puts together lots of programs including youth soccer, tee ball, adult kickball, etc.. Commerce City has also announced they will be building a brand new recreation center right next to the Reunion Community on 112th Ave and Chambers Rd.

Parks and Trails

Reunion has some of the best parks and trails in the area. Here are the highlights:

  • 8 acres of lakes
  • 11 Parks Total
  • The main 52 Acre Reunion Park
  • Picnic areas
  • 10 Miles of Running/Biking Trails
  • Second Creek Trail which connects to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Loop Trail Reunion Park Reunion 


The outdoor pool is 3,600 square feet and it includes a 100 foot water slide, a lap pool, a splash pool, a leisure area, and a deck. The pool is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. Reunion Pool

What are the local amenities?

Reunion has gained a lot of attention from local governments and corporations. These entities are heavily investing in the Reunion community. King Soopers built the largest King Soopers in the entire state of Colorado adjacent to the Reunion Community just a couple of years ago, and other companies are following suit. As stated above, Commerce City is adding a Recreation Center and more Parks to the surrounding area.

What is the future for Reunion?

The community has been a master planned community from the beginning. Below is the original master plan. Everything in color is already apart of the Reunion community or is coming soon. Reunion Master Plan

As you can see Reunion has homes that fit everyone’s needs and price points. If you are house hunting, make sure Reunion is on your Radar. Contact a CO Listings Agent for more information about Reunion and other great real estate secrets and insights.

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The snow is melting in the high country and soon the roads over Colorado's majestic mountain passes will be open again for a season of exploring and hiking. If you are looking for an adventurous Denver, Colorado day trip, take time to explore one of Colorado's scenic byways near Idaho Springs.

Known as the highest paved road in North America, the Mount Evans scenic byway takes you on a stunning drive past crystal mountain lakes, breathtaking vistas and, if you drive near the summit (the parking is located at 14,130 feet!), a glorious view of the entire Front Range. Mount Evans is located in the Arapaho National Forest and requires a small recreation fee for access to the Summit parking lot and nearby amenities.

As you drive to the summit, there are several great spots to stop and enjoy the wildlife and glorious scenery. First, pull off at the Mount Goliath Nature Center. The interpretative center has information about various mountain ecosystems, including highlights about the Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine tree, which is one of the oldest tree species in the world. There is a short quarter-mile loop trail where you can explore first-hand the beauty of the alpine landscape.

Continue farther up the 28-mile scenic byway and you will reach the Mount Evans Summit and Interpretative Site. Arriving here is one of the easiest ways to add a Rocky Mountain fourteener to your list of accomplishments. In addition to the heavenly views of the plains and the continental divide, you can follow the interpretative site trail and read more about some of the historic structures near the summit, including an observatory operated by the University of Denver.

On your way down from the summit, you can stop and explore Echo Lake. There is a campground and a nature trail around the lake that is perfect for an afternoon picnic or some leisurely fishing. There is also the local Echo Lake Lodge and Restaurant nearby.

After a day of exploring and enjoying the views, you can head back toward Idaho Springs to refuel your car and your energy. Idaho Springs has been a well-loved watering hole for mountain adventurers since the mining heyday of Colorado. Whether you are in the mood for pizza, burgers or sandwiches, you are sure to find a tasty option to wrap up your day. To learn more about activities in Clear Creek County or to get the latest information about road conditions, check out the county website.

Are you interested living in Colorado and having endless mountain adventures in your own backyard? Then, please contact us for more information about real estate available across the Front Range.

Older homes have a unique charm about them that makes them attractive and inviting. If you’re considering buying an older home, here are some home buying tips you should think about before you sign on the dotted line.

Consider the Floor Plan

The first thing to consider is the floor plan. Many older homes may have awkward floor plans, or contain rooms that are not really functional. When walking through a home, think about whether or not you could live with the floor plan the way it is, or if you would need to remodel in order to make the space more user friendly. If so, consider the cost of the remodeling project carefully when placing a bid in order to ensure you have enough money left over to complete the job later.

Always get an Inspection

All homes should be carefully inspected before you agree on a purchase price. During an inspection, ask to accompany the inspector through as many areas of the home as possible to ensure that nothing is overlooked. In doing so, you’ll also be able to get a better look at the home, and may notice some minor flaws you hadn’t discovered before. Be sure to take notes of your findings so that you can think about whether or not these flaws are ones that you could easily fix yourself. After that, look at the inspector’s report, and make note of any major problems so that you can consider them as well.

Consider Major Maintenance Timelines

You should also consider things that may go wrong in the future. For example, if a home is more than 20 years old, you could find yourself needing to replace an HVAC system or put on a new roof in a short amount of time. Even if no major repairs are needed now, you should nonetheless consider ones that may be needed three to five years down the road before making an offer.

By using due diligence, you can find an older home that is affordable and will meet your needs precisely. As a result, you should have many years of enjoyment out of your investment.

Are you moving to Denver to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery? Colorado's natural beauty is one of the top reasons that people love living in Denver. If you need some fun ideas for escaping the daily grind of city life, check out this fun Denver Colorado day trip.

Turkey Creek Canyon Fun

If you drive west out of Denver on Hampden Avenue (US Route 285), you slowly see the city melt away and the rolling foothills come into view. After you pass the Morrison Road exit, your drive will take you into Turkey Creek Canyon and just minutes from these day trip activities.

  • Mt. Falcon Open Space Park: Turn up Parmalee Gulch road for Indian Hills and follow signs for Mt. Falcon Open Space Park (west entrance). Jefferson County is loaded with Open Space parks that allow for hiking, horseback riding and trail biking. At Mt. Falcon Park, you will enjoy scenic vistas of Denver and the plains. You can follow a short hiking trail and explore the Walker Castle ruins, a magnificent home of John Brisbane Walker that burn down in 1918.
  • Tiny Town Railroad: Head a little further west on US Route 285 and you will see signs for Tiny Town. This off the beaten path treasure has been around for nearly 100 years, entertaining kids and parents alike. There are more than 90 tiny structures, including replicas of many Colorado historic places. There is a train that kids can ride through the park, as well as a playground to explore.
  • Coney Island Hot Dog Stand: If you have worked up an appetite and want to enjoy more of scenic Colorado, keep driving west on US Route 285 past Bailey, Colorado and you will find the Coney Island Hot Dog Stand. The restaurant is shaped like a big hot dog and seems a bit out of place along the banks of Platte river. Yet, this restaurant has been a Colorado institution for years. It was relocated from its original location in Aspen Park, Colorado in 2007.
Looking for other Day Trip ideas?

From the majestic to the quirky, Denver day trip options are plentiful. If you are looking for more fun ideas or have questions about Colorado real estate, please contact us today!

It can be very easy to get so caught up in the dream of owning a home that you eventually reach the point where you will seriously consider taking just about anything. Which is why you should always take the time to consider the following home buying tips before you put your signature down on any legally binding piece of paper. Before you fall too deeply in love with the view outside that big picture window or that magnificent stone fireplace or the garage so big there's still some roof left over after parking both your SUVs, you should come up with a definite answer to the following questions and then make a judgment based on those answers.

How Much Gasoline Will It Cost Me to Get to...?

The first time home buyer, especially, very often lacks the experience necessary to fully consider the comprehensive cost of purchasing a home. An essential aspect of that comprehensive cost worth considering these days is how much gasoline it is going to cost you to get to work and back every day. In addition to high cost of commuting back and forth to work, you should also add up how much mileage stands between that house you've got your eye on and any places in town you can expect to drive to on a regular basis: schools, the mall, where your friends and family live, your house of worship, favorite restaurants, movie theaters, nightclubs, the one mechanic in town you've come to trust and anywhere else you want or need to be on a frequent basis.

Is the Yard Suitable for Outdoor Stuff?

People often forget that home buying tips can also mean property buying tips. You are not just out to buy a new home You are also out to buy the land that home sits upon. That means asking some questions that have nothing to do with the house itself. Do you enjoy gardening? Landscaping? Sunbathing with a little privacy? Planning on some outdoor sports? With kids? Do you have a dog or have plans to adopt a dog? Is the word "weekend" just a synonym for "backyard barbecue" or does the very idea of spending the weekend outside make you shudder? Now take a look at the property on which that house sits. Is it suitable for any of the outdoor activities you enjoy? Does it have a privacy fence and if not, will you able to build one? Is the backyard big enough for kids to play in should you decide later to have children?

How Convenient are the Necessary Conveniences?

Not to be confused with the cost of commuting, necessary conveniences are those features of daily life that you will be using on a regular basis. Is there a grocery store nearby and, if so, is it one you like? How far away is the nearest gas station and it is convenient for getting into and out of when you're running late and realize your tank is nearly empty? Is there a convenience store nearby and, most importantly, is it really convenient?

What Kind of Time Frame Will I Have in an Emergency?

Take the time to research how far away the nearest fire station is, especially if that house you love is made of wood or features that amazing fireplace. If you had to get to the emergency room of the hospital fast, how long would it take you? If an ambulance had to get to you from that hospital, how long would it take them? For the love of your pet, spend the few minutes it takes to track down where the nearest emergency vet is located and how much long it will take to get your beloved animal friend to that vet should such an emergency arise.

These are the kinds of things that are easy to overlook in the excitement of buying a new home. When that initial excitement wears off, however, and you realize that knowing the answers to these questions might have impacted your decision to buy the house, it's too late. So do what it takes to answer them before you sign on the dotted line.