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Home selling tips should ideally be concentrated on what you do to increase the amount of money you can get for your home. Among the many elements involved in preparing a home for sale, the value to be gained by investing in a change of interior colors may be one of the most overlooked. Color can become a vital component in increasing the amount of money your home is deemed to be worth by potential buyers.

Managing Perception

One of the most common of all home selling tips is to do what you can to stage-manage visual perception. Home improvement is very often a matter not of actually changing things, but of changing perception of things. Visual perception can easily be stage-managed with proper attention to the use of colors. Color can be used to make a homebuyer perceive that a small room seems larger or to make a room with seemingly unmanageable space seem much cozier. The home selling tips at play here could not be simpler: use colors from the warm section of the color wheel to bring on the perception of coziness and use colors from the cool section of the wheel to make a small room seem more spacious.

Less Really is More

When it comes to home selling tips, the money of color sometimes requires that the willingness to commit to a concept that seems to be distinctly contrary to human nature. We tend to think that if a little is good, then a lot must be better. When it comes to money, maybe so, but not always when it comes to color. A much cheaper and potentially more effective decorating choice than splurging on multiple colors is to boil things down to no more than four that are repeated in every room of the house with each room being dominated by a different color.

For instance, you decide on various shades of blue, yellow, green and white. Let blue dominate the bedroom, yellow dominate the kitchen, green dominate the bathroom and white dominate the living room. But each of the three other colors would also make appearances as accents in every one of the four rooms as painted window trim, or the color of the carpeting, or in the wallpaper border or, well, you get the idea. What makes this such belong in realm of great home selling tips? Because just like our instilled belief that more is better, so are the majority of homebuyers hard-wired to find comfort in repetition. And the more comfortable those looking to buy a home are made to feel when they enter your house, the more likely they will be to make an offer.

Unequal Redistribution of Color

One of the most valuable home selling tips involving using color as a means of home improvement is strip away color equality. An equal distribution of color quickly becomes boring when compared to an artfully unequal distribution. Choose your colors well so that your primary color can be used to decorate about 66% of the area. This is usually accomplished by splashing the primary color on the walls or ceiling or on the floor. Far less tedious is the application of a primary and secondary color on these surfaces. An easier method for creating imaginative use of inequality in the application of color is to cover the major surfaces of the room with your primary color. The remaining third of the room can then be decorated with your secondary color courtesy of furnishings, drapes, wall hangings and trim.

One Final Tip

The one mistake you don't want to make when you decide to decorate a room is to overlook the value and power of color when perusing home selling tips. The right choice in color can go a long way toward helping you walk away with a little more money when you finally do make the sale.

Current Market Conditions

The Colorado real estate market is still a very hot sellers market. The market did slow down a bit around the holidays, but it has come back full force with the beginning of February. We attribute the slow down around the holidays to the fact the buyers simply put buying a house on hold until the holidays had passed. Buyers have reentered the market place aggressively and the number of buyers are increasing daily. Housing inventory has also remained near record lows and we do not expect inventory levels to raise drastically until early spring.

What does this mean to you as a homeowner?

Right now is the perfect time to sell because inventory (your competition) is still incredibly low and buyers are entering the market place at increasing rates. We are seeing multiple offers and properties are selling fast and for top dollar. To give you an actual example: we listed a property on 02/04/2013 and using our unique marketing, we were able to procure a contract in less than 12 hours that was $12,500 over asking price! This is not uncommon if you are able to strategically position and effectively market your home.

What does this mean to you as a potential homebuyer?

You need to stay on top of the market and you need to act fast. If you are searching for real estate on your own, avoid the big national websites like Zillow, Trulia, and These sites are not updated directly from the MLS and therefore are usually 3 days or more delayed getting new listings.

Try using which updates directly from multiple Colorado MLS’s every 15 minutes to ensure you don’t miss your perfect home. You also want to team up with a competent, hardworking REALTOR who will stay on top of the local market and is available to show you homes on the same day they hit the market. At CO Listings, we developed a team of professionals to make sure someone is always available to show you a home on the same day!

Where are we headed?

We are expecting a rush of new listings to hit the market starting in March and moving forward into the spring. This rush will increase inventory and if the influx is large enough it could make home prices flatten. Conversely we are also expecting an influx of buyers, but that may flatten out due to interest rates. The ratio of buyers to sellers will always be one of the major determining factors in short term price gain or loss. The big question mark and concern on the horizon is interest rates. Interest rates are expected to increase as we enter the spring and through the rest of 2014. The big question mark is how much will they increase and how quickly? No one knows for sure, but some experts have estimated that it could be as high as 6% by the summer. A higher interest rate means that buyers’ purchasing power decreases and could even price them out of the market. To give you an example: If a buyer is qualified to purchase a $350,000 home with a 5% interest rate, they can only afford a $310,000 with a 6% interest rate.

What does this mean for you?

Now is the perfect time to both sell and buy. If you are thinking about buying a home you can currently afford a larger more expensive home for less money than this summer. As a seller, the competition is still low as mentioned above, but it won’t stay that way. There are also more buyers in the marketplace who can afford your home. As a buyer or seller, you do not want to miss this perfect scenario that currently exists in the marketplace. It will not last long! Contact us today to learn how you can take advantage of the current market.

If you’re looking for Denver, Colorado day trip ideas, an excellent choice to consider is historic Georgetown. Located just 34 miles from Denver, there are plenty of sights and attractions that are suitable for family members of all ages.

Georgetown was formerly a silver mining town that was first established during the Pike’s Peak Gold rush of 1859. Today, Georgetown along with nearby Silver Plume comprises a historic district, with the Georgetown Loop Historic Mining and Railroad Park situated between the two. The town is comprised of a number of historic shops and buildings, and sits at an estimated 8,530 feet above sea level, making it an extremely scenic place to visit.

Great Shopping

For many people, the biggest attraction Georgetown has to offer is shopping. There are more than 200 lovingly restored buildings that now serve as boutique shops, including several older homes that are now used to sell antiques. Most of these shops are located in the downtown area, making it easy to stroll from one to another on foot.

Hammill House

Hammill House is another popular attraction in Georgetown. This home was once owned by an early settler named George Hammill, and today serves as a museum for the town. The property consists of two structures-a former carriage house and the home itself. You can get a better idea of what life was like during the late 1800s by taking a walk around the grounds and then viewing the exhibits that are on display inside the museum.

Georgetown Loop Historic Railroad

Take a ride on the Georgetown Loop Historic Railroad. You will ride in a train car driven by an old-fashioned steam locomotive for a ride up Clear Creek Canyon. During your trip, you will able to view the remains of some old silver and gold mines as well as enjoy sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains. Some cars are even open-air, and you may want to try one of those, weather permitting.

And More...

If that’s not enough, Georgetown also offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as fishing, hiking, horseback riding, or bird watching. If you’re undecided as to what to do, stop by the visitor’s center to speak with one of the locals who can help you plan the perfect outing.

Looking for a home for sale in Georgetown? See: Georgetown Homes for Sale.

When you loan someone money, it's only because you expect to be paid back. Your only assurance that will happen is that person's word. The same expectation holds true for financial institutions who qualify you for a mortgage. But they need more tangible proof of your ability to pay, which they can get through your credit report. To find out what lenders are learning about your finances, you can view these documents.

The One No Obligation Stop to Get Your Free Credit Reports

By law, each of the major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) must grant you one report for free every year. Beware of websites that claim to offer you the same privilege at no cost. In exchange for your receiving the document, they sign you up for paid credit reporting and monitoring services. The only site where you can download your report without any obligation is

Got them, Now What?

When you receive your credit report, look for errors. Examine the creditor names and addresses, credit amounts, transactions, payment terms and due dates, and the amounts you paid. If charges or accounts appear that you don't recognize, someone may be fraudulently using your credit information. Whatever errors you discover, report them immediately to the reporting merchant and the credit agency. They must try to remedy the situation. The fix may take some time to implement, which is why we recommend you check your report several months to a year before applying for a mortgage.

If your report contains missed or late payments, bankruptcies, or foreclosures, financial institutions may deny you a loan or make the terms more stringent. Unfortunately, you can do nothing about these negative listings. They will drop off of your document after about seven years. Be prepared with good explanations of why they exist, in case potential lenders ask you about them.

If you want more information about how to prepare for real estate transaction, or if you want help with finding a home, please contact us.

Whether you've just bought a home, or you're preparing to sell, even the most modest of home improvement efforts can increase the value of your home. And that's always a good thing.

The question is; what should you do to get the most bang for your buck? The answer depends on which category noted above you fit into. Lets briefly discuss both.

You've just bought a home

Typically, those who have just purchased a home stretched their budget to the maximum just to get into the house. That being the case, there are still some relatively inexpensive things you can do to improve your home.

The obvious thing is paint. Nothing does more to improve the look and feel of a home than a fresh coat of paint. So, before you even consider doing anything else, paint. Why? Because a new color on the walls can drastically change your ideas about other things you might want to do down the road.

Of course, if you have the funds to do more than paint, so much the better. However, it's best to live in the house for a while before making final decisions on any decorating or remodeling you do. Reversing a hasty decision once the project is finished can be expensive, and stressful in other ways as well.

You're preparing to sell

The attitude you have to adopt when selling is that the house is no longer yours. It now belongs to the market, and should always be ready to show to prospective buyers. The three most important things to do when putting your house on the market are:

  • Clean and de-clutter
  • Neutralize
  • Depersonalize

Clean and de-clutter

Cleaning and de-cluttering may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many sellers miss this, even though their realtor advised them to do so. A clean, clutter-free property appears more spacious. And more space is always more attractive.


Neutralizing refers primarily to wall color, but applies to overall decor.

Regarding wall colors; if you have any rooms or accent walls that are the least bit out of the mainstream, change them. Even though changing the wall color can easily be done by the buyer, they won't see that when looking at a wall that's painted international orange. They'll just see an ugly wall, and that may turn them off to the rest of the property.

As for decor; if you have furniture or accent pieces that are "out there" you'd best just remove them because they'll have the same impact as the international orange wall.

The more neutral you can make the decor, the more it will feel like a blank canvas to prospective buyers that enables them to picture their own furnishings there.


Depersonalizing means what it implies. Remove things that identify who lives there. Pictures, trophies, plaques, even tooth brushes, partially used bars of soap, and other used personal care items. For prospective buyers, seeing less of your personal items will make it easier for them to picture living there.

These ideas will help your home sell faster, and the faster it sells, the more it will typically sell for. If you're ready to sell your home, we're here to help. Contact Us now.